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Rapper Cadet dies in car crash on his way to a gig”:

Cadet has died in a car crash on the way to a gig in Staffordshire.

The rapper’s family shared the news on his official Instagram account.

“We the family of Blaine Cameron Johnson otherwise known as Cadet (Underrated Legend) would like to share the sad news that during the early hours of 9th February 2019 he passed away.”

In a statement to Radio 1 Newsbeat, his management said the 28-year-old was a passenger in a taxi.

Cadet’s cousin Krept led the tributes online, saying he was “heartbroken”.

Staffordshire Police confirmed Cadet died in the crash in Betley in the early hours of Saturday morning.

In a statement, the force said: “Blaine Cameron Johnson, 28, of London, died after the Toyota Prius he was travelling in was involved in a collision with a Vauxhall Combo van at 1.30am.

“He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

A previous statement said that the drivers of both vehicles were taken to hospital with serious injuries and three others were also being treated in hospital.

Cadet was on his way to Keele University where he was due to perform.

This year was set to be massive for Cadet

by Nick Bright, Radio 1Xtra DJ

For us at 1Xtra he was a huge artist.

Lots of his tracks were on the playlist last year, and even as we speak at the moment one of them is on the A-list, so it’s one of the tunes that gets played the most.

To see this happen to an artist just as he’s about to break through is a really sad thing.

He’s consistently being putting out music. The Commitment and the Commitment 2 are probably two of the most known pieces of work he’d put out.

He got so much recognition from those projects alone and lots more people have been paying attention to his music.

He’s worked with Krept and Konan, two of the biggest rappers in the UK and Deno Driz on Advice.

It’s quite a small scene so when something like this happens everybody within this industry knows it’s happened.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he would have been playing at so many different places this summer because he’s got so many big songs out at the moment and loads in the pipeline.

Grey line

Cadet regularly appeared on BBC Radio 1Xtra performing at MistaJam’s Christmas Party last year.

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Cadet was due to perform at Wireless in July.

In a statement on the festival’s website, it said: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and fans, of Cadet.

“Such sad news.

“We’ll be keeping his Wireless performance as a time to reflect on the memory of Blaine.”

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Empire’s Jussie Smollett: Stars show support after attack


Hollywood stars are showing their support for Jussie Smollett after he was attacked.

Police in the US say they’re investigating it as a suspected homophobic and racist attack after “two unknown offenders approached him and gained his attention by yelling out racial and homophobic slurs”.

The Empire actor needed hospital treatment after the men punched him in the face, poured a chemical substance on him and tied a rope around his neck.

Oscar winner Viola Davis and supermodel Naomi Campbell are among those sharing their support.


Naomi Campbell, who starred in the first two seasons of the musical show about a hip-hop mogul whose sons and ex-wife fight over his business, said that one of the most beautiful things to happen to her when working on Empire was meeting Jussie Smollett.

Alongside a picture of the two of them, she called on the Mayor of Chicago to catch the “despicable people” who have committed this “act of hate”.

Oscar winner Viola Davis shared a photo of Jussie on her Instagram page.

Jussie, who plays Jamal Lyon, in Empire, came out on US TV show Ellen in 2015.

It’s after he faced scrutiny in his personal life when his character on the show came out as being gay.

At the time he told Ellen “there is, without a doubt, no closet that I’ve ever been in and I just wanted to make that clear”.

The TV host tweeted her support for him and his family.

Jussie’s co-star, Grace Byers, is among those expressing their horror at the attack.

“This despicable act only shamefully reveals how deeply the diseases of hatred, inequality, racism and discrimination continue to course through our country’s veins,” she said.

Singer and actress Janelle Monae also shared a photo of herself with Jussie.

“It is still a risk daily to be a BLACK, OUT and PROUD human being,” she wrote.

Jada Pinkett Smith also posted a news report about the attack.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapinkettsmith) on

Some media reports say that the actor had bleach poured on him but that’s not been confirmed yet.

According to the American website TMZ, Jussie has now been discharged from hospital.

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Huawei: A simple guide to why the company is in so much trouble


A lot of people are talking about Huawei – and not just because they make really well reviewed, top-end phones.

The Chinese company is in pretty hot water in various places, because certain people believe they are using their tech to spy on people – something the company totally denies.

There’s a court case against Huawei taking place in the US right now.

And other countries all over the world are losing faith in this tech giant due to security fears.

But although it can be quite hard to care about the ins and outs of a technology company on the other side of the planet – you might be worried about your handset or whether to buy a new Huawei.

So here’s a quick explanation of what’s going on.

What is Huawei?

First of all, it’s pronounced “Wah-way” and Huawei sells more mobile phones across the world than Apple.

Samsung sell the most, with Huawei clocking in as the second most popular.

In the UK, there was a huge jump in sales of Huawei handsets in 2018 when they released their P20 Pro.

Huawei P20 at launch event
Huawei released the P20 and the P20 Pro (pictured) in 2018 to glowing reviews

According to many reviewers Huawei’s P20 Pro, which was released in 2018, is a real contender to the other big hitters – a Samsung or an iPhone.

But as well as the phones we’ve got in our pockets, Huawei also provide technology to other companies to make their own handsets and wi-fi networks.

Basically, Huawei is everywhere.

Why is everyone talking about Huawei?

There are some worries about what Huawei has been doing with the millions of mobile phones it’s sold and all that tech kit.

Some countries fear Huawei is being used by the Chinese government to spy on people.

The man who founded Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, was an engineer in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the early 1980s – a fact which has worried businesses and governments already distrustful of China’s political leaders.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the armed force of the Communist Party of China, which has ruled the People’s Republic of China since 1921.

Ren Zhengfei
Ren Zhengfei was involved in China’s ruling communist party nearly 40 years ago

Huawei says it has no links to the government and insists it is an independent company.

But there have been warnings in the US since 2012 that Huawei pose a security threat.

And in the UK, a report in 2018 said it had “only limited assurance” that Huawei’s broadband and mobile equipment wasn’t a threat to national security – which isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement.

OK, who else is involved?

It’s not just the US and UK who are starting to get a bit concerned.

In 2018, both Australia and New Zealand excluded Huawei from involvement in it’s future 5G network – again because they think the company might be trying to spy on them.

In January 2019, Vodafone “paused” the use of Huawei equipment in Europe  (specifically Spain) because they had the same worries.

What’s happening now?

There is a court case taking place in America in which Huawei is accused of bank fraud, obstruction of justice and theft of technology from rival T-Mobile – so nothing to do with spying on people.

Some of these allegations relate to deals reportedly done by Huawei with Iran – and Donald Trump has said that companies who trade with Iran cannot also trade with America.

Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer and the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, has been arrested by US officials for her involvement in evading President Trump’s sanctions against Iran.

Huawei deny all the charges.

Huawei supporter protesting in America
There is huge support for Huawei and its senior management from people in China

What does this mean if you’re reading this on a Huawei?

Most of the worries about Huawei relate to their involvement in other companies’ networks, not digging through the personal details of people who’ve snapped up a P20.

And it’s important to remember there are no spying charges against the company, even in the case that’s happening in the US right now – and no-one has been found guilty of anything.

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Michael Jackson doc Leaving Neverland is ‘disturbing and devastating’

Michael Jackson gave a young boy jewellery in exchange for sexual acts, according to new documentary Leaving Neverland.

The “devasting and disturbing” film has been shown at The Sundance Film festival in Utah, America.

It focuses on two men who claim Michael Jackson had abused them as children.

His estate deny the claims saying it’s “an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in” on the singer, who died in 2009.

USA Today reporter Patrick Ryan was at the world premiere on Friday.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck say they were aged seven and 10 when the singer befriended them and their families.

Now in their 30s, they claim they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

He always denied the allegations when he was alive.

Police raided his Neverland Ranch in California in 2003 while investigating claims he had molested a 13-year-old boy.

The case went to trial and Wade Robson was a main witness for him. He said under oath that the singer never abused him and Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges in 2005.

Wade Robson
Wade Robson used to perform alongside Michael Jackson when he was a child

Since then Wade Robson has become a father and in an interview he said after two nervous breakdowns he finally revealed to his therapist the dark secret he’d been hiding.

“It was just pain and disgust and anger, the idea something like that could happen to my son.”

In 2013 he filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate claiming he had been sexually abused by the singer, but a judge ruled he’d waited too long to seek legal action.

‘Credible filmmaking’

The two-part film is directed by Dan Reed and the synopsis reads: “Through gut-wrenching interviews with the now-adult men and their families, Leaving Neverland crafts a portrait of sustained exploitation and deception.”

Dan Reed
British filmmaker Dan Reed also made Terror in Mumbai and The Paedophile Hunter

Reporter Adam B Vary watched it and posted afterwards: “A deeply emotional Wade Robson and James Safechuck receive a standing ovation after the screening of Leaving Neverland. There will be a lot to say later, but I can say this: This is a thorough, devastating, deeply credible piece of filmmaking.”

Keith Turnan, a film critic for the LA Times posted: “A #sundancefilmfestival first: introducing the screening of the disturbing “Leaving Neverland” Michael Jackson documentary, fest topper John Cooper announced “there will be health care professionals” in the Egyptian Theater lobby if needed. This is one intense film.”

And film critic for US Weekly Mara Reinstein put: “Shaking. Wow. We were all wrong when we cheered for Michael Jackson.”

Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch
Fans turned the entrance to Neverland into a shrine after the singer died

Because of Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s previous support of Michael Jackson and claims that he never molested them, his fans have asked the festival to pull it, while his own estate has hit back at the project in a statement: “The film takes uncorroborated allegations that supposedly happened 20 years ago and treats them as fact.

“The two accusers testified under oath that these events never occurred. They have provided no independent evidence and absolutely no proof in support of their accusations, which means the entire film hinges solely on the word of two perjurers.”

They go on to say that because the filmmaker purposefully decided not to interview anyone else other than the two men and their families he “neglected fact checking so he could craft a narrative so blatantly one-sided that viewers never get anything close to a balanced portrait.”

The documentary will be shown on Channel 4 in Spring 2019.

Michael Jackson always denied any abuse allegations while he was alive.

He died on 25 June 2009 aged 50 after receiving a lethal dose of the anaesthetic propofol.

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Kim Porter, mother to three of Diddy’s children, died from pneumonia

Kim Porter

Kim Porter, mother of Diddy’s three children, died after contracting pneumonia, a coroner has confirmed.

The 47-year-old model and actress died unexpectedly in November 2018.

After tests, the LA County Coroner has ruled shedied from natural causes from lobar pneumonia.

When she died the American rapper, whose real name is Sean Combs, released a statement last year saying he and his former partner were “more than soulmates”.

Kim Porter and Diddy
Kim and Diddy were together on and off for 13 years

Kim dated Diddy on and off from 1994 to 2007 and they had three children together: twins Jessie James and D’Lila, 12, and son Christian, 20.

The Porter and Combs families said in a statement in November: “God broke the mould when he made Kim, there was truly no other woman like her.

“Although her time here on earth was far too short, she lived a life full of purpose and meaning.

“She was a loving mother and devoted friend. She was the epitome of kindness and grace.

“There wasn’t a person she met whose soul she did not touch. Kim was the type of woman who changed lives for the better.”

Kim also had a 27-year-old son, Quincy, from a previous marriage.

She appeared in films including 2001’s The Brothers and in the US TV show Wicked Wicked Games.

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Rappers Skengdo and AM breached injunction by performing drill music

By mr ben rory

Two rappers have been given suspended sentences for performing drill music which incited violence against rival gang members.

Skengdo, real name Terrell Doyley, and AM, real name Joshua Malinga, pleaded guilty to breaching a gang injunction at Croydon County Court, police say.

The injunction was made against the pair last year because they were members of a gang in south London.

They were sentenced to nine months in jail suspended for two years.

The Metropolitan Police says Skengdo and AM, both 21, breached an interim gang injunction which was made in August last year.

“It was breached when they performed drill music that incited and encouraged violence against rival gang members and then posted it on social media,” it said in a statement.

Their manager TK told the Press Association the musicians were not involved in gang violence.

He said they pleaded guilty after a video of one of their live performances was uploaded to the internet without their knowledge.

Cressida Dick
The Met’s top officer Cressida Dick previously linked drill music to an increase in violence in London

The interim injunction was made against the rappers because they were members of a gang in Lambeth, south London – and were linked to rising violence in the borough, police said on Friday.

The injunction was brought into full force during hearings held on 10 and 14 January. It will last for two years.

Detective Inspector Luke Williams, of Lambeth and Southwark’s Gangs Unit, said: “I am pleased with the sentences passed in these cases which reflect that the police and courts are unwilling to accept behaviour leading to serious violence.

“The court found that violence in drill music can, and did in this case, amount to gang-related violence.”

TK, the director of Finesse Foreva, said the last time either of the rappers “might have had a run-ins with the law was when they were 16 and 17”.

He said at a hearing in January, police had tried to link Skengdo and AM to the history of crime in Brixton – which is in the Lambeth borough.

“They didn’t find nothing on them in terms of violence because they don’t have nothing on them.”

He added: “Why the Met’s probably done that is because they want to affect their lives, scare big venue owners off.”

Skengdo and AM have performed at Reading and Leeds festivals and have appeared on 1Xtra.

They performed on Kenny Allstar’s 1Xtra show on 11 January – he described them as “one of the hottest duos in UK drill music”.

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Charlie Sloth joins Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station

Charlie Sloth has announced that he’s joining Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station.

The DJ left Radio 1 and 1Xtra at the end of last year after almost 10 years.

In an interview with fellow former Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, Charlie described Apple Music as a platform that’s “future-proof”: “For me, I was like I need to be where the future is, because I am the future.”

The Charlie Sloth Rap Show will air on Saturday nights in the UK.

Charlie said that UK music “is in a place that it’s never been” during his career.

“I feel like it’s desired in a way it never has been globally.

“With the Apple Music and Beats 1 platform I feel that I offer something to these artists in the UK that no other platform can offer at the moment,” he said.

The DJ said that since his departure from Radio 1 and 1Xtra, where he hosted The 8th and The Rap Show, he’s been “trying to keep a low profile”.

“It’s hard walking down the street and people are like, ‘Yo, Sloth, what’s happening?’

“I kind of isolated myself from the world apart from doing shows – I still had to do gigs.”

Charlie didn’t see out the final 10 radio shows he was scheduled to do on the BBC after storming the stage and delivering a sweary rant at an awards show in October – after which he apologised.

Charlie, who’s won radio DJ of the year at the GRM Daily Rated Awards every time it’s been a category, said he was seeking a “new challenge” when he left the BBC.

And he told Zane Lowe he’s been “itching” to get started.

“I just felt the way people were consuming content was changing, it’s changed forever.

“And I feel that Apple Music and Beats 1, they provide a service that caters for the new consumption of content,” he said.

Charlie thinks musicians now “only care” about the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

“The artists, especially the younger generation, don’t care if their record is getting played on the TV. They don’t care if their record is getting played on the radio. They only care what playlists they’re sitting on on the streaming providers.

“These kids who are 18, 19, they’ve grown up in a totally different era.

“They’ve grown up knowing streaming and YouTube. They’re the only two assets that matter to the modern day artist.”

Charlie’s popular Fire In The Booth freestyle segment, which has been running for more than 10 years and racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, will be following Charlie to Apple.

He’s promised “a few returning heroes” and “a few big names”.

Last year, he managed to get Drake on the show – telling Newsbeat at the time that it was “four or five years” in the making.

Tiffany Calver is the new host of The Rap Show on Radio 1 – becoming the first woman to host the Saturday night 9pm slot when she took over at the beginning of 2019.

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Enes Kanter: ‘I don’t feel safe in the UK’


By Nomia IqbalNewsbeat reporter

Turkish-born Enes Kanter is the centre for the New York Knicks

NBA star Enes Kanter should be looking forward to coming to play basketball in London next week.

Instead, he says he’ll be staying in the USA – for fear of assassination in the UK.

The 26-year-old New York Knicks centre explained to Radio 1 Newsbeat why he’s cancelled his appearance at the O2 arena on 17 January.

“The Turkish government is obsessed with me,” he said over the phone from his New York base.

“I speak out against [President] Erdogan, and so I don’t feel safe.

“It’s sad as I love Harry Potter, and wanted to come see all of London so badly, but I can’t take the risk.”

As things stand, Kanter’s Knicks team will go ahead and play their regular season game against the Washington Wizards without him.

Their game in London is part of an NBA strategy to bring the sport to the world – but ironically it can’t bring one of the world’s best players.

Kanter is an outspoken critic of the President of his native Turkey, Recep Tayyp Erdogan.

The sportsman has referred to the politician as “the Hitler of our century”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkey’s President Erdogan has been accused of creeping authoritarianism

“I’m not saying that Erdogan’s going to do an operation [against me] in London but it’s more there are lots of crazy supporters of his.

“You can say that I’m paranoid but I don’t want to take the risk.

“My team’s security said to me ‘If you go, you can’t leave your room or do any activities for the time you’re in London’.

“I’m getting more death threats, hundreds in the last few days. But I won’t stop being outspoken I want the whole world to know what’s going on in Turkey.

“It’s bigger than basketball, it’s bigger than the NBA.”

Kanter is caught up in a Turkish political conflict which has spread beyond his home country’s borders.

President Erdogan has accused Fethullah Gülen, a US-based Turkish cleric, of masterminding a failed 2016 military coup against him. Mr Gülen denies the charge.

Kanter, who was educated at one of Mr Gülen’s network of schools in Turkey, has taken the cleric’s side.

A Turkish protester holds up a banner with pictures of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen during an anti-government demonstration
An anti-government protester in Turkey holds a picture of President Erdogan and exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen

The basketball player regularly visits Mr Gülen at the cleric’s home in Pennsylvania.

Kanter’s moves have come at personal cost.

In 2017, the sportsman’s fatherMehmet was arrested in Turkeyand charged with membership of a terrorist group.

Kanter suspects this was in order to put pressure on him.

“It’s very sad,” he said. “I haven’t talked to my parents for a long time. I tried bringing them here but the Turkish government wouldn’t let them.”

In 2017, the Turkish government cancelled Kanter’s passport,forcing him to cut short a planned trip to Romania and return to the US, where he is a permanent resident and due to get citizenship in two years.

Mike Bass, a spokesman for the NBA, told the BBC: “The NBA has played hundreds of games outside of the US and this is a very unique and unprecedented situation.”

The New York Knicks say Kanter’s decision not to travel to London is based on visa issues, not security.

Enes Kanter
Enes Kanter says he won’t stop being outspoken about his political views, despite the risks

But Kanter is emphatic.

“It’s not a visa issue. They [the Knicks] are not going to come out and say ‘Enes Kanter may get killed’ – they just want to say visa issues so there is no negative energy on my team mates.

“I genuinely am worried about my safety and so are my [security] team. It’d be helpful I guess if the Knicks came out and said it.”

The Knicks haven’t respond to Kanter’s denials that this isn’t related to documentation.

The UK’s Home Office says that it won’t comment on individual cases.

But Kanter urges the authorities in the UK to make a clear promise to protect him.

“If I hear any reassurance from the British government, maybe I’ll talk to my team again.”

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Lord Lester resigns from House of Lords

UK Politics

Lord Lester

An 82-year-old peer accused of sexual harassment 12 years ago has resigned from the House of Lords.

Lord Lester of Herne Hill was suspended from the Liberal Democrats this year following the allegations, which he has called “completely untrue”.

A party spokesman said Lord Lester had made “the right decision”.

Last month a report by the privileges and conduct committee upheld a complaint of sexual harassment against the peer, received in November 2017.

The report had originally recommended that Lord Lester should be expelled from the Lords but this was later reduced to a recommended suspension until 2022.

The complaint claimed that Lord Lester “had sexually harassed the complainant, had offered her a corrupt inducement to have sexual relations with her, and had warned her of unspecified consequences if she did not accept his offer”.

Lord Lester denied all the allegations, stating that he had “produced evidence which clearly demonstrated that what I was said to have done 12 years ago did not happen”.

Following a debate last month, peers voted to send the case back to the committee to look at it again.

A Liberal Democrat spokesman welcomed the peer’s resignation on Tuesday.

“Lord Lester has made the right decision in retiring from the House of Lords.

“The leadership of the Liberal Democrats supported the original report from the Privileges Committee that had recommended his suspension from the House.

“We hope that Lord Lester’s decision now draws a line under this situation.”

Lord Lester is a veteran human rights lawyer who worked for several decades on gender equality and race relations. He joined the Lords in 1993.


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