Scotland’s papers: ‘Toxic’ River Clyde and Brexit ‘bribery’

The Herald leads with rival Labour and SNP politicians working together in a bid to clean up a “century-old toxic disaster” on the River Clyde. The paper says tens of millions of pounds are needed to decontaminate dumps of cancer-causing chemicals in and around Glasgow.

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail claims that council tax payers in Scotland face footing the bill to pay for the country’s “town hall pensions timebomb”. It follows the publication of figures which show local authorities paid £1bn into their employees’ retirement pots last year.
The Times
Theresa May’s announcement of a £1.6bn fund for struggling communities amid accusations from critics that it’s a bribe to win over MPs in Leave-supporting areas of the UK, is the lead in the Times. The story appears below a picture of Scotland’s Laura Muir celebrating a second gold medal at the European Athletics Championships.
The Scotsman
The Scotsman leads with the claim by Scotland’s finance secretary Derek Mackay that the country’s £13bn deficit could be brought under control within “a few years” of Scottish independence. The SNP minister says Scotland leaving the UK would prompt a boost in economic growth.
Daily Record
The Daily Record has an interview with the mother of a woman who took her own life after accusing a man of attacking her. Rebecca Youdale reported her neighbour to police but charges against him have now been dropped.
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph claims ministers have told the paper that Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has dropped his attempts to secure a hard time-limit on the Irish backstop, focusing instead, it says, on an “enhanced arbitration mechanism”. It also devotes half of its front page to a picture of “gifted” public schoolboy Yousef Makki who was stabbed to death in Burnage.
The Sun
The Sun’s front page is dominated by a picture of business tycoon Sir Philip Green kissing a worker as she sits on his knee.
Daily Express
The Daily Express reports on figures obtained by BBC Scotland’s The Nine news show which reveal the number of paramedics who were signed off work with depression went up by 40% in 2018. The statistics show that 9% of all Scottish paramedics took sick leave due to stress-related illness last year.
The National
The National says the economic case for Scottish independence will take centre stage at the SNP’s conference next month. Party members will be asked to vote on a four-page motion setting out the case for self-determination.
Daily Star
The Daily Star says world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua has been caught up in a row over sex attack allegations made against footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Courier
The Courier’s Dundee edition focuses on a police investigation into a “ferocious” fire at a furniture store in the city. The area around The Furniture Factory on Lochee High Street remains sealed off.
Scotland's papers: 'Toxic' River Clyde and Brexit 'bribery'
The i leads on its own exclusive story which focuses on the risks and dangers it says juries are increasingly facing during trials. The newspapers says it has spoken to high-ranking judges, senior barristers and clinical psychologists for its special series “The Trial: Secrets of Jury Service”.

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