Newspaper headlines: ‘Brexit plan to evacuate the Queen..’

Newspaper headlines: 'Brexit plan to evacuate the Queen..'
Cold War plans to evacuate the Royal Family from London have been “repurposed” in the event of riots after a no-deal Brexit, the Sunday Times reports. The plans were intended to be put into action in the event of a nuclear attack with the Soviet Union, which would have seen the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh moved to a secret location outside the capital.
The Observer leads with speculation that six disaffected Labour MPs have been drawing up plans to resign and form a “breakaway movement on the political centre ground”. The paper names three “widely rumoured” MPs in the group – Angela Smith, Chris Leslie and Luciana Berger. All three swatted away the rumours when approached by the paper, but highlighted how disaffected they were on issues like Brexit and anti-Semitism.
Sunday Telegraph
Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Prime Minister Theresa May pledges to “battle for Britain” when she travels to Brussels to reopen negotiations with the EU. She suggested she would seek an alternative to the backstop: either a time limit or a “unilateral exit mechanism”. The EU has already rejected both of these alternatives.
Mail on Sunday
“Tory peer in £600,000 conflict of interest” is the headline in the Mail on Sunday. The paper says Conservative grandee John Selwyn Gummer’s private company earned £600,000 from businesses “that stand to make millions from his advice to ministers”. The former environment secretary vehemently denied any conflict of interest and said he complied with disclosure rules.
Sunday Express
The Sunday Express accuses the BBC of “lobbying influential MPs” to support scrapping free TV licences for the over 75s. The scheme is currently financed by the government but will end in 2020. The corporation will then have to fund the £745m scheme, about a fifth of the BBC’s current budget, by 2021-22.
Star on Sunday
Rhodri Giggs, brother of former Manchester United midfielder and Wales manager Ryan Giggs, has said he wants to heal a long-standing rift between them, the Daily Star on Sunday reports. Ryan Giggs’s affair with Rhodri’s wife came to light seven years ago.